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Having a routine annual exam is the best way to screen for diseases so they can be treated in their earliest stages. At his state-of-the-art facility in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA, Dr. Silver provides comprehensive annual exam services to help women enjoy the best of health at every age.

Routine Annual Exam Q & A

Are annual exams really necessary?

Yes; annual exams provide a continuum of care that can enable Dr. Silver to more easily identify diseases and health conditions in their earliest stages when they're easier to treat, plus, it can help him identify emerging health risks like increases in high blood pressure that could put you at risk for serious and even life-threatening conditions. Annual exams also help ensure your health needs are being met as you get older, and they provide an ideal time to discuss any health-related concerns you may have.

What causes an abnormal Pap test?

Although different conditions can cause a Pap smear to have abnormal results, the most common cause is the human papillomavirus, or HPV. HPV is a very common virus that affects most sexually-active adults at some point. In most people, the virus resolves even without being detected; but in other people, it may not resolve on its own. Several types of HPV exist, and a few have been identified with an increased risk of cervical cancer. If your test is abnormal, Dr. Silver will perform additional evaluations to determine the cause and determine an appropriate treatment when necessary.

How often should I have a breast exam and Pap test?

The American Cancer Society recommends having a Pap test at least every three years, and they also recommend regular HPV screening. Breast exams should be performed at least every three years for women from 20 to 40 years of age and annually after that. Women at higher risk for cervical and breast cancers – especially those with a family history of either disease – should be screened more regularly. During your exam, ask Dr. Silver how often you should have a breast exam and Pap test to ensure the best possible health based on your age and other risk factors.

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